Honda Fury 23" Full Wrap Front Fender

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The stock wheel and tire on a Honda Fury is 18″. However, if you decide to upgrade the front wheel to a 23″ wheel and tire, we can offer you a bolt-on 23″ front fender for your Honda Fury. We also suggest that if you are looking to go with the 23″ wheel that you check out aftermarket 8 and 10 degree triple trees so your trailing numbers will match for a safe and comfortable ride. We designed this fender to fit a 130/60-23″ tire on a 3.5″ rim so any larger tires will not work. The fender can also be used on many other models by simply modifying the fork mounts, however we do not offer any adapter kits or sort of return or warranty if you modify our front fender. The fender is made from a very strong, hand-laid fiberglass construction and the finish is gel-coat black that is ready to sand for primer and paint. Factory color matching is available in many OEM colors.


  • Only can be installed on a 23″ wheel with 8 or 10 degree triple trees.
  • This fender is made-to-order (3-5 business days)

Installation instructions

  • This product fits: The Honda Fury
  • Installation time: 30 minutes