2011-2013 Harley-Davidson Blackline Quick Release Saddlebag Brackets

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Quick release

Easy Brackets is the truly detachable saddlebag system. Install and remove saddlebags in seconds.

Works with most saddlebags

Easy Brackets fit leather, fiberglass, ABS, OEM, and vinyl saddlebags. No additional support brackets needed.

Easy to install

Most kits can be installed in 60 minutes or less. All hardware is provided and there is no need to drill your fender.
SPACER OPTION DETAILS: This option of 1" spacers extends the docking posts to allow the bag to clear the turn signal. This option does not require the turn signals to be relocated from the fender and allows for a 15” long saddlebag. Not needed if installed in conjunction with detachable backrest or if turn signals are relocated.