Honda Sabre Rear Lowering Spring

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This lowered rear spring kit is a must have for the Honda Sabre, Stateline and Interstate 1300 Custom Line motorcycles. This lowered rear spring is a direct replacement for the stock Honda spring. The lowered spring not only improves the look of your Honda Custom motorcycle, but you will find the ride is a little softer at low speeds and stiffer at high speeds. Whether you’re riding alone or carrying a passenger and luggage, you’re going to enjoy the new look and ride of your Honda Custom.

The lowered spring will lower your Honda motorcycle 1.25″. We suggest installing our Honda Fury and 1300 Custom Fork Extenders to complete the look and compliment the Honda Fury chopper lines.

What You Need to Know:

  • Standard Spring is best for solo riders that weigh less than 215 lbs.
  • XL Spring is best for riders weighing over 215 lbs or if you’re carrying passengers / luggage.
  • Comes with lowering spring, compression tool, and instructions

Installation Instructions

  • This product fits 2010 or newer Honda Sabre, Honda Stateline and Honda Interstate 1300 Custom Line.
  • Install time: 1hr.