Honda Fury Fork Extenders (1"or 3")

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These fork extenders (COME AS A PAIR) are a direct replacement for the stock fork caps on all Honda Fury motorcycle. They measure almost 1″ (.90″) longer than stock fork caps which will give you a 1/2″ rise in the front of the Honda Fury. Why only 1″ (actually .90″) taller, well because this creates a seamless look with the front fork tubes, if the fork extenders were longer you would see the line where the extender meets the fork tube under the top triple tree. The Honda Fury Custom 1″ Fork Extender length creates a seamless look, the polished top on the fork extenders look more custom and cleaner than the stock raw fork caps.  With the slight lift in the front the handling is not effected and the combination of the fork extenders and our lowered shock separate your Honda Fury from the rest.

What You Need to Know:

  • This kit does not come with O-rings.
  • The material is solid billet 6061T aluminum material with a high-polish top surface.
  • This product is sold in pairs.
  • This product will extend out your front wheel and brake line. We do suggest a new extended brake line and we have many Non-ABS sizes and colors to fit your style. Contact us for custom lengths.

Installation Instructions

  • This product fits: Honda Fury
  • Install time: 1hr.