Kawasaki Mean Streak 7 Degree Billet Triple Tree

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This 7 Degree Billet Triple Tree is made by Morton’s Custom Cycle. An extreme amount of engineering, and experience went into the design of this inverted Billet Triple Tree. With superior quality and easy install, this product is a must for that guy wanting to stand out at the bar or the next biker rally.When it comes to quality, style, and function, no one does it better. This inverted triple tree pushes the front wheel out 6 inches. They come with fork extenders, so they don’t lower your Mean Streak in the front. The handling does change a little, but not to worry, the overall ride is just as good with the longer wheel base. This inverted tree does change things up a bit with the stock components, see WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. We offer a single braided brake line with excellent performance. This Triple Tree is made from 6061 aluminum and has a high-polished finish. The kit included comes supplied with fork extenders, polished top bolt caps, and instructions. Always feel free to view our online instructions below.

The Triple Tree is a custom order item and can take up to 12 weeks to be shipped.


  1. Longer brake line will be needed.
  2. You will have to buy a single bolt head light or modify your stock headlight bracket to use a single bolt mount. The stock Speedometer and Tachometer will bolt right on with no problems. Stock handle bars will work.
  3. The wheel base will increase 6 inches.
  4. Triple tree is made from a solid Billet 6061T aluminum and has a high-polish finish. Polished aluminum needs special care and can be sensitive to scratches so be extra careful during install. We recommend using Mothers Aluminum Polish to keep the shine forever.
  5. Our kit comes with the Upper and Lower Tree posts, fork extenders, and the pivot bolt with hardware, no bearings or races. To use this inverted Triple Tree you must change the races in the frame neck.
  6. The Triple Tree is a custom order item and can take up to 12 weeks to be shipped.

NOTE: There is no torque spec for the stem bolt, this all goes by feel. WHY you ask, well bearing grease can confuse torque spec which can set you up for a loose front end and some people put more grease in then others.

Our suggestion is to tighten the front end with the wheel off the ground till the turning of the bars feels stiff, then back off the stem bolt 1/4 of a turn. Make sure to snug down the set screw and go ride the motorcycle a couple of times. After that re-loosen the set screw and recheck the stem bolt again until it feels stiff when turning, then back off on the stem bolt 1/4 turn. Some people put more grease in then others. If you’re still having problems with the front end stability at speeds, check your front tire pressure. If the pressure is low then increase the pressure to the maximum for testing. Then back off the pressure for desired riding. If the problem still continues, then we suggest taking this to a qualified, motorcycle mechanic for inspection.

  • This product fits: The Kawasaki Mean Streak 2002-2009, Suzuki Marauder, and Boulevard 1600
  • Installation time: 3 hours

  • Does this triple tree change the handling of the Kawasaki Mean Streak?
    Yes. You will notice the steering to feel heavier at low speeds, 5-25 mph.
  • Can I install the Triple Tree without the fork extenders?
    Yes, BUT we do not suggest this. This will lower the front of your bike too much and can cause damage when riding up driveways, over speed bumps, etc.
  • Is it possible to use my stock headlight?
    Not directly. You will need to fabricate a bracket to use single-bolt mounting or purchase a single-bolt-mounted headlight.
  • Can I use my stock brake lines with the 7 degree Triple Tree?
    No. The stock lines need to be longer to attach correctly to the front end of your ride because the “T” mount that bolts to the bottom of the stock lower tree will not reach the new 7 degree lower tree.
  • Do I need to change the bearing and seals in the front neck?
    No. But this is a great time to change the bearings and seals if you have a lot of miles on your ride or if it has ever been wrecked.
  • Can I install this tree by myself?
    Yes, but it does take some garage skills and you’ll need to prepare a work area so everything is within reach. Professional installation is always advised.