Honda Fury Low Rider Seat

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The Low Seat Pan for the Honda Fury allows you to build your own style of seat. Low and Mean has designed the lowest seat pan on the market. Giving you the most room to add your own foam and seat cover. When you compare our Low Seat Pan to the stock pan, the Low and Mean Low Seat Pan is 1.25″ lower, this allows you to have a lower seat height with the same amount of foam then stock. There’s no bolts to attach this seat, we use an industrial dual-lock Velcro which is industry standard on most custom Harley’s. Our pan is also narrower and flows into the gas tank, where the stock seat sits on top of the gas tank. We feel the new Low Seat Pan is the perfect match to bring the great lines from the gas tank into the fender. This Low Seat Pan is made from a hand-laid fiberglass construction and comes with all hardware and instructions. NO FOAM, NO COVER included.

Installation Instructions

  • This product fits Honda Fury and 1300 Custom Line.
  • Install time: .25 hr.