Yamaha Bolt Custom Low Rider Seat (3-4 weeks)

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The Low and Mean Low Rider Seat was designed so the lines of the tank would flow thru the seat and into the rear fender. We also designed the seat pan 1.25″ lower than the stock seat pan, so you can have the same amount of foam but sit lower in the bike. Our pan is also narrower to help you put both feet on the ground with more confidence than the stock seat. This Low Rider Seat also comes with a front cap which gives the illusion of a tank extension. It comes with a semi gloss finish and you can request to have this painted to match the gas tank. This Low Seat Pan is made from hand laid fiberglass composite, the foam is soft to the touch with a firm support and the cover is made from high-end black vinyl with french stitching. There’s no hardware that comes with this seat, just a dual lock Velcro to fasten it to the fender. If you want to do you own custom seat cover check out our LM Low Seat Pan with foam. Featured on our Copper Bolt build.


  • This seat is a direct replacement for the stock seat.
  • Passenger seat will work with our Low Rider seat. Passenger seat does not attach to driver seat.
  • LM Seat shows more of the gas tank, where your stock seat was covering possibly rubbing on.
  • LM Seat hooks under gas tank and then Velcros down to the rear fender.
  • Seat is water resistant, but not water proof. If you wash your motorcycle, take off your seat.

Installation Instructions

  • This product fits Star Bolt
  • Install time: 1/4 hr.