Yamaha Bolt LED Fat Fork Tube Kit

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This very custom looking product is a great way to clean up the front of your Yamaha Bolt. These BLACK Fat fork tubes are cut to fit perfect with the STOCK Triple Trees and it is a great way to black out and add a sleek turn signal function for your Yamaha Bolt. We designed this fork tube kit to cover the fork area between the top and bottom triple trees and allow a space for a LED turn signal. The amber LED’s are super bright and functional. This kit is not difficult to install, however you will need to wire it in to plug into your front turn signals. You can complete this customized look by adding the fork gaiters which will complete the blacked out effect. This package is a great cost effective way to customize your Star Bolt.

What you need to know:

  • There will be a 1/16″ space on both sides of the LED when installing. This is normal.
  • The LED’s and fork tubes are not connected. LEDs and fork tubes will come separate.
  • The LED’s are not preformed. You will need to heat up the LED tubes to easily form them around your forks. Failure to do so may result in broken LEDs.
  • The LED’s doesn’t come as a plug and play, you will need to hard wire them in. We used the stock wire connectors but this may void warranties.
  • You will need a bike jack or lift to install this product.

  • This product fits: Yamaha Star Bolt
  • Installation time: 1 hour