Yamaha Bolt/Stryker/V-Star 950 Performance Air Intake Adapter

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This Performance Air Intake has the function to adapt the biggest high flow air filters on the market. No other system will allow you to adapt several different styles as the one you see on this page. Our Intake adapter has the same common bolt pattern as you would find on 90% of the Harley Davidson aftermarket filters. With this style of air intake adapter you’ll be able to improve the performance of your Star Bolt, Star Stryker, and V Star 950 and keep your ride looking different then the next guy. To complete the kit please choose a air filter from our selection. To further separate our product from the rest, there’s also no other system that completely covers the throttle body and helps hide the wires, hoses and cables like what is offered. Featured on our Copper Bolt build.

What you need to know:
This product requires a CV (3-Bolt) pattern air filter to function and fit together properly.
This product does not fit the V Star 1300!
This product can bolt onto the Star Bolt but with some modification. Modification is the sole responsibility of the installer and any piece that has been modified can not be returned or refunded, no exceptions.
For $199 you get the proven LM Performance Air Intake Adapter in the standard gel-coat black finish.
Paint is available for this product for an additional charge.
The Intake adapter and air filter of your choice is the complete kit. If you want to purchase your own air filter or another style we offer, then we suggest just purchasing the Performance Air Intake Adapter.

This product fits: the Star Bolt (WITH MODIFICATION), Star Stryker, V Star 950
Installation time: 1 hour