Yamaha Raider Shorty Front Fender

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LM’s Shorty front fender fits perfectly on the Star Raider. This front fender is a great replacement if your looking for something short like the stock fender. Compared to the stock fender, the Shorty is longer at the back and shorter at the front, which gives the front of the Raider a more raked out look. The fenders are made from a very strong hand laid fiberglass construction, and the finish is gel-coat black which is ready to be sanded for primer and paint. We also offer a few different finished options that you can choose from above. Color matching to the factory colors are available in Candy Red, Tommy Blue, 2009 Silver, Raven black. All front fenders will get full coverage all around the edges, and extra color sanding and buffing. The kit comes also comes with hardware and instructions.

What you need to know:

  • The fender does not have a finished surface, there is a gel-coat finish that is meant to be sanded for primer and paint, so it may come with a few minor surface scuffs.
  • Not ideal when driving on rainy roads.

Installation directions

  • This product fits: the Star Raider
  • Installation time: .25 hr