Yamaha Raider Storage for Low and Mean Rear Reaper Fender

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LM’s Storage for the Star Raider “Reaper Rear” fender is a first on the market for integrating storage under the seat on a motorcycle cruiser. Low and Mean has pushed the limits in design to incorporate this function for the Reaper rear fender. This storage only works with the Reaper rear fender and it is a very easy install. Once installed it gives you about 3/4 of a gallon area to tuck your wallet, keys, cell phone, tools, and even a bottle of water. It’s very simple to access with a turn of your key and lifting the driver’s seat, making this storage safe to hide your personal items. This storage is made of strong fiberglass construction with a nice black gel-coat finish.

Installation directions

  • This product fits: the Star Raider 2008-Current
  • Installation time: .5 hr