Yamaha V-Star 950 Seat Pan

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Low and Mean offers a really cool seat pan for the V Star 950. The Low and Mean Seat Pan is 1.50″ lower than stock seat pan and we shaped the Seat Pan to flow from the tank and into the rear fender. With the Seat Pan offering a lower riding position this makes you feel like you’re sitting in the V Star 950 instead of on top the V Star 950, giving you a feeling that the motorcycle is apart of you.  The seat pan attaches similar to stock, however the bracket that is bolted to the rear fender will need to be removed and replaced with a Industry tough dual lock Velcro. This Low Seat Pan comes with all hardware to attach your seat to your bike which includes the mounting plate and 2 capped bolts for the latch, Industry tough dual lock Velcro, and instructions. If you are going to remove the rear seat you can add 4 custom chrome caps for an additional $10.00.

What you need to know:

The 4 chrome caps are meant as a simple fix the front 2 will snap in with just a little bit of silicone holding them in place but the back 2 caps will need a little extra silicone because of the recess’s  in the frame. A few other options you can do is paint the 4 bolts and screw them back into the fender or get some custom  chrome caps that will attach to the bolts.

What you need to know:

  • The seat pan comes with no foam or cover. This is a cost effective way for you to build up your own custom seat to fit your style.
  • This product is made from a fiberglass construction.
  • We do offer the Low rider seat foam to give you a starting point to building your own custom seat.
  • The Complete seat has a vinyl cover and open cell foam. We use a protective glue to bond the cover to the seat foam, but this seal is not water proof but water resistance. Please have caution when washing your motorcycle, driving in heavy rain or leaving your motorcycle in the rain for long periods of time. If necessary you could drill 1/4″ holes in the bottom of the pan to help drain any water.

  • This product fits The V Star 950 manufactured by Yamaha
  • Install time: 1/2 hr.